Cecilia Valencia Sandoval, BA, MSc.

Cecilia is a natural resources manager and a sustainability planner. She has worked for government, the private sector, within academia, and most recently as co-founder of DPI Territorial. Early in her career as a biologist she worked with local stakeholders to find ways of conserving biodiversity while fostering economic development. Later she practiced environmental planning, with a focus on public participation and policy analysis for sustainable community development. Her work includes projects in Canada and Mexico. Ceciliaís philosophy is that more holistic development that balances economic, social, and environmental priorities can be achieved by engaging and facilitating dialogue between local stakeholders during a transparent planning process. The process must not only outline clear strategies for sustainable growth, but also build local capacity for implementation.


Cecilia spent two years working for the group Forests and Communities in Transition (FACT) at the University of British Columbia (www.fact.ubc.ca) as a research scientist in the areas of community planning and engagement, and community well-being.



David Flanders, BSc., MLArch

David is a city / landscape planner and works with universities, government, as a private consultant, most recently as a co-founder of DPI Territorial. Early in his career as a landscape architect he worked on public plaza, park, streetscape and greenway design, but soon moved on to larger-scale, more holistic planning of sustainable communities. This work has included collaborations with community members and institutions across Canada and parts of Latin America. Davidís philosophy is to design cities and plan land-use through on-site, transparent, participatory processes. With particular care to the function of regions as a whole and the flows of materials, people and energy within them, we can foster economic development while improving environmental conditions and quality of life simultaneously.


David spent 5 years as a research scientist and landscape planner with UBCís Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (www.calp.forestry.ubc.ca) and Design Centre for Sustainability (www.dcs.sala.ubc.ca), where he conducted applied planning and design research that bridges between science, design and decision-making via participatory processes.